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Stian Rydningen AS have taken the name RH Service, since this company now is terminated due to the tragic loss of Alexander in summer of 2015. RH Service AS will remain with the same path as before.


Since 2010 have (Stian) been freelancing for El-Team Sortland when not being offshore. 2015 we made an agreement with El-Team Sortland regarding of hiring personnel from RH Service AS


A new relationship was created in 2015 with Saga Subsea in Haugesund.


The first project for Saga Subsea was a contract for a ROV Supervisor on the construction vessel Surf Ranger hired by Deep Ocean. The project was a inspections and survey job. Were the most of it was Inspection to be commenced with a prototype ROV from the Swedish manufacturer Ocean Robotics, Njord1.


RH Service is looking forward to develop the relationship with Saga Subsea, as well as the agreement with El-Team Sortland onshore.


From September 2015 until April 2016 El-team have hired a technician, main task was to hold the position as the responsible electrician/technician of the brand new hospital at Stokmarknes.


January 2016 did Saga Subsea require a ROV pilot for a Reach Subsea project.

April-May 2016 Olympic offshore needed a ET onboard Olympic Athene in the GOM

June 2016 Olympic offshore needed a ET onboard Olympic Orion in Esbjerg

July 2016 Saga Subsea required a Capjet operator for a trenching job with Nexans onboard RemOcean with DeepOcean/Statoil

August 2016 Saga Subsea required a ROV Supervisor for a DeepOcean project onboard Edda Freya

2017 Update to come, but 2017 has been super busy with Trenching and ROV.








  • PSV Strilmøy
  • CSV Acergy Petrel
  • AHTS Far Sovereign
  • SRV Viking Vision
  • MPSV OI3
  • CSV Reef Despina
  • CSV Polar King
  • CSV Subsea Viking
  • PSV Viking Energy
  • MPSV Surf Ranger
  • PSV Viking Fighter
  • CSV Rem Ocean
  • MPSV Edda Fonn
  • CSV Olympic Athene
  • MPSV Olympic Orion
  • CSV Edda Freya
  • CSV Maersk Achiever
  • CSV Deep Vision
  • TSV Polar King
  • TSV Elektron
  • CSV Dina Star
  • CSV Volantis
  • CSV Maersk Forza





  • Triton XLX
  • Triton XLR
  • Triton XLS
  • Njord
  • Seabotix
  • KystDesign Supporter
  • KystDesign Constructor
  • KystDesign Installer
  • Nexans Capjet



  • Apprentice
  • Electrician
  • Ship electrician
  • Apprentice leader
  • Project leader
  • ET
  • Technician
  • ROV Pilot trainee
  • Capjet trainee
  • ROV Pilot
  • ROV Supervisor
  • HV Responsible



  • North Sea
  • Mediterranean
  • GOM
  • Alaska
  • Liverpool
  • Shetland
  • Ghana
  • Canada



  • Electrician
  • Ship electrician
  • Technical engineer




Killingøy Offshorebase


GCSB - Gran Canaria Subsea and Offshorebase


Quay Side Support


Subsea Rental






Obs ROV Services/Mini Rov System








Complete provider within technical solutions








Phone, network and fire alarm system




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