Company established in 2006 by founder Stian Rydningen and Alexander Holm whereas the name RH Service (Rydningen & Holm).


In the beginning we established a company to have while we were building three new apartments. In this project we did all the planning and commenced the electrical Installations in addition to mounting kitchen and bathrooms. In the same period we bought an older building that needed renovation.


During 2010 to 2013 did we both join Technical Engineering.


In April 2014 we converted the company from a NUF (Norwegian abroad firm) into a AS (private limited company)

Since 2010 Stian have been freelancing for El-Team Sortland when not being offshore. The last year we made an agreement with El-Team Sortland regarding of hiring personnel from RH Service AS.


In July 2015 Alexander sadly lost his life in a motor cycle accident. As sShattering as this is, in the future RH Service will still continue with the same high standards and making Alexander proud.





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